AHA treatment solution. | (MALIN+GOETZ) HK
AHA treatment solution. | (MALIN+GOETZ) HK

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AHA treatment solution.

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Winner of The Zoe Report Beauty Awards. 

This multi-tasking, lightweight solution is a targeted treatment designed for oily skin. A complex blend of good acids—6% glycolic and 2% lactic—gently yet effectively balance, brighten and exfoliate, boosting skin clarity. Formulated with niacinamide and witch hazel, aha treatment solution helps to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores while reducing excess oil. Gentle enough to use every day on all skin types—even the most sensitive--it helps to improve overall texture, revealing smoother, healthier-looking skin.

key ingredients. 
• glycolic acid AHA smoothes and gently sloughs away dead skin cells.
• lactic acid AHA exfoliates and brightens to help improve the appearance of skin texture.
 niacinamide clarifies and balances skin, helping reduce excess oil and improve texture. 
• witch hazel helps reduce excess oil and shine. 
• sodium hyaluronate nourishes and hydrates.

In a 4-week consumer study, daily users showed:

+ 100% visual improvements to texture and smoothness.

+ 100% improvements in skin tone evenness and clarity.

+ 96.3% improvements to overall pore appearance.

+ 96.3% improvement in excess oil. 

Apply onto clean skin daily, morning or night with a cotton pad or fingers. Follow with moisturizer and an SPF for daytime use.

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