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what’s the difference between chemical + physical exfoliants?

chemical exfoliants use acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid) or enzymes (usually derived from fruits + veggies) to break down + dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

they are great for skin that can become overly red from touching or scrubbing, or is actively breaking out, as they won't break open any pimples + spread bacteria around the skin.

physical exfoliants use small smooth granules (rice powder, jojoba beads, micro cellulose from plants) to physically lift + scrub away any dead skin cells.

surface scrubbing is great for anyone with flaky skin, or skin that cannot tolerate chemical exfoliants. skin that is actively breaking out should avoid physical scrubs that could open any pimples or blemishes + spread bacteria around the skin.

where does exfoliating fit into my skincare regimen?

whether you choose a physical or chemical exfoliator, the best time to use it is after you cleanse + before you apply a product, such as serum or moisturizer.

don’t forget to use a spf of 15 or more when exfoliating as your skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure.

how often should I be exfoliating?

the frequency will depend on the type + intensity of your exfoliator.

physical exfoliants with gentle scrubbing ingredients, such as our jojoba face scrub, can be used 2-3 times a week, day or night.

moderate-intensity chemical exfoliants, such as our resurfacing face serum, can be used daily, day or night.

high-intensity chemical exfoliants, such as our resurfacing glycolic pads, are recommended to use 1-2 times a week, in the evenings.

no matter the type of the exfoliant you choose, don’t forget to use a spf of 15 or more when exfoliating as your skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure.

which exfoliator is best for sensitive skin?

all our exfoliators are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. however, we recommend patch testing our chemical exfoliators before first use and building up frequency of use over time to allow skin to acclimate.

how do I use jojoba face scrub?

our new jojoba face scrub is an exfoliating treatment that gently buffs away dullness + dryness leaving skin feeling softer, smoother + refreshed. use 2-3 times a week after your daily cleanser. gently massage a small amount over damp skin, avoiding eyes. rinse clean with water.

don't forget your spf.

when exfoliating, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. no matter the formula, always wear spf.

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