holiday by design.

holiday by design.

The holidays bring with them a great many things: good cheer, cold air, family gatherings, office parties, ugly sweaters and quite a few excuses to indulge in good food and drink. In the midst of all this merriment, we like to help bring a bit of ease and harmony into the seasonal gift exchange with our carefully curated holiday sets.

In the pursuit of considered and meaningful gifting, this year we found inspiration in the minimalist art movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Wrapping our white gift boxes in intersecting and overlapping red and blue lines, we created designs that, from afar, emulate both the patterns of ribbons used in traditional gift packaging and the plus sign that is integral to our brand. Each set comes with its own unique design and together, they create quite the iconic stack of presents.

"Design, art and architecture permeate and enliven all aspects of our lives. Our obsession is evident in our apartment in New York, our farm house in the Hudson Valley and of course in our packaging and stores. We've always been particularly drawn to a minimalist aesthetic and very graphic works of art. These gift boxes are a wonderful way for us to share our passions and the importance of design in our lives." – Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz


Just as our products are formulated to make skincare uncomplicated, our boxes are designed to make gifting easy on both the giver and the receiver. Both functional and beautiful, they require no wrapping (or unwrapping!) and can be reused long after the holidays are over. Our smallest kits is even attached with a loop of red ribbon, so that they can be hung on a tree as an ornament or on a mantelpiece in lieu of a stocking. And each set, both big and small, is filled with a selection of products that can fulfill the wishes of anyone on your list.

In preparation for the gifting season, we encourage you to explore the contents of our holiday sets below or in real life at our local apothecaries, which has also been completely wrapped up in these beautiful line designs and transformed into a larger-than-life gift box. When it comes to holiday shopping, there's no time like the present.