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our commitment to the environment.

sustainability has been embedded in our dna since our launch in 2004. today and every day, we’re committed to doing better, constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable now + into the future.

this means more uncomplicated packaging, more eco-friendly formulas, and more sustainable materials that are designed to be reused + recycled.

what we’ve been up to:

  • 1oz tubes transitioned to aluminum packaging.
  • gallons transitioned to PCR plastic.
  • full-size deodorants are 100% recyclable.
  • all cartons are FSC forest stewardship certified.

reduce. reuse. recycle. refill.

our glass candle vessels can be upcycled infinitely.

think drinking glass, planter, bathroom organizer + more.

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our deodorants + glass containers are 100% recyclable.

just wipe out any excess residue + toss in the recycle bin.

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this is


new gallon refills now available in 6 of our best-sellers.

1 gallon = 15 refills.

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