natural deodorants.

our best-selling deodorants keep underarms fresh without irritation-causing ingredients.

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your choice is
clear clean.


not an anti-perspirant, no pore-clogging ingredients, ever.

alcohol + baking soda-free.

we leave these potential irritants out, which translates to comfortable use for even sensitive underarms.

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no white marks on dark clothing, no yellow armpit stains.

natural odor protection.

no perfumes, only natural scents that actively neutralize body odor.

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clean choices that make scents.

  • aluminum-free.
  • alcohol-free.
  • paraben-free.
  • baking soda-free.
  • residue-free.
  • natural odor protection.

in the press.

“My boyfriend is obsessed with MALIN+GOETZ, and I understand the hype. I stole this eucalyptus deodorant from him when I was in a pinch, and I got hooked on the scent. It’s super refreshing but not overwhelming, and the consistency isn’t sticky, unlike other natural options.”

“One of the best we've ever used for keeping us smelling fresh until the end of the day—even in the summer.”

“Just apply daily to underarms as you would a normal stick deodorant. The formula leaves no residue or stains, so you won't ruin any of your favorite button-downs.”

“After testing more than 20 deodorants, this is the one we keep picking up. Goes on + stays clear + feels like a regular deodorant.”

the deo detox. stick with it.

new to natural deodorants? it can sometimes take up to 3 weeks for your body to get the maximum effectiveness of your deodorant. read more

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