hydration heroes. | (MALIN+GOETZ) HK
hydration heroes. | (MALIN+GOETZ) HK
hydration heroes. | (MALIN+GOETZ) HK

hydration heroes.

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2 steps. multiple benefits. clinically proven.
our foaming cream cleanser + advanced renewal moisturizer are clinically proven to deliver results in only 2 steps. for all genders + skin types (especially sensitive).

step 1: foaming cream cleanser.
cleanse. hydrate. soothe. balance. comfort.
retains 92% of skin’s hydration + moisture.*

step 2: advanced renewal moisturizer.
soften. moisturize. firm. smooth. plump. protect.
96% showed immediate improvement in hydration + elasticity.**

*based on instrumental evaluation of 17 participants within the age group (30-45 years) living in urban areas with various skin types.
**based on instrumental evaluation of 27 participants between the ages of 27-50 years old (50% male, 50% female)

Set includes:
+ foaming cream cleanser. (full-size)
+ advanced renewal moisturizer.(full-size)


see product pages for full ingredients lists.
+ foaming cream cleanser.
+ advanced renewal moisturizer.


lather a dime-sized amount into hands and gently massage onto skin. rinse with water. complete your 2-step routine with a daily moisturizer. apply a small amount of moisturizer to cleansed, dry skin.